You’re considering a modular home and want to make sure you choose the right local company to work with. A modular home is a great option, combining the quality and customization of site-built homes with the efficiency and price of factory-built homes. According to Bankrate, modular home costs can vary based on many factors. They can range between $180,000 and $360,000, including installation. Here are some qualities to look for as you evaluate local modular home companies.

Experience and Reputation

One of the most important decisions is choosing an experienced local modular home company with a solid reputation. Look for a builder who has been in business for several years and has completed numerous modular home projects. Check reviews and talk to past customers. An established company with many positive reviews is a good sign that they create high-quality modular homes and provide excellent customer service.

Customization Options

A benefit of modular construction is the ability to customize your home. Look for a local modular home company that offers flexibility in floor plans and designs. They should allow you to select layouts, materials, finishes, fixtures, and more to create your ideal home. Ask the builder which customization options are available and check out examples they’ve constructed for other customers to see the possibilities.

Quality Construction

While modular homes are built off-site, quality construction is still essential. Visit the factory where the local company builds the modules to inspect their facilities, processes, and workforce. Look for signs of precision manufacturing and strict quality control measures. The modules should be constructed indoors in a climate-controlled setting to achieve consistency. Ensure that experienced crews handle the on-site assembly process with care and expertise.

Full-Service Offerings

Look for a local modular home company that provides turnkey services. They should handle the entire process from design, permitting, site work, and foundations to factory construction, delivery, installation, and interior finish. Make sure they employ qualified subcontractors and crews for the on-site work. A streamlined, start-to-finish modular home building process with a single point of contact will make your experience smooth and headache-free.

Choosing a reputable local modular home company is key to a well-built, customized home within budget and on schedule. Taking the time to research builders, see their work firsthand, and ask lots of questions will set you up for success. With the right partner overseeing the journey, your dream modular home will soon be a reality. When you’re ready to start your modular journey, reach out to Select Modular Homes, Inc.