My husband and I want to thank Julia and Select Modular for taking us by the hand and guiding us through the process of getting back into our home from Sandy damage. Julia and her front office crew helped walked my husband and I through every detail and made sure that we were satisfied with every decision and detail. We want to thank Julia and Select Modular as we feel we have gained a forever family.

- The Wright Family 8/22/17


From start to finish Roseann, Julia and the rest of the staff at Select Modular were amazing! We are so thrilled with our new house! They were there whenever we needed them and always went above and beyond to make sure all our needs we met! I wouldn't hesitate to refer them to friends or family members.

- Jami & Andy Patrick 6/20/17


I recently had my new house delivered by Select Modular. The delivery was right on time as promised and the house was exactly as planned. They showed great attention to details on everything, from the great kitchen cabinets, to the quality of the windows, to the finishing of the floors. Working with the Select Modular team was outstanding. They always returned my calls and answered all my questions. They guided and helped me right from the beginning, from obtaining the required permits, to hiring the right contractors, all the way to obtaining the CO and beyond. I would recommend Select Modular to anyone looking for a new home.

- Fernando 3/13/17


Hello Roseann, Chris and Tony:

I want to send a short note of thanks to all your staff for helping me along the path to rebuilding. My son (. . .) will also thank you some day. Never in my life have I experienced the graciousness and patience that both Tony and Chris showed me on Tuesday. I can never thank you enough for your kindness in an otherwise man eat man world.

God bless all of you. I could not have taken these steps thru my rebuild while handling my (. . .) situation. You all are truly one of a kind. Thanks again for holding both my hands.

- Mark B. 10/27/16


I am currently in the process of purchasing my 3rd... yes 1,2...3 homes from Select Modular homes and can not be more satisfied! I think that the number alone says a lot for this company... again 3 homes! My first was a basic rancher, second a large cape and now a raised rancher with drive under garage and with every house I choose to change things about the house to my own design and could not be happier with the end results. The support and knowledge that the Select Modular team brings is beyond compare!

- Val Vit 9/30/16


We can't say enough good things about our experience working with Select Modular Homes. After Superstorm Sandy we tried to rebuild using 2 different contractors. Both went out of business and gave less than nothing for our money. Then, one day driving by, we stopped into the office of Select Modular Homes in West Creek. The professional staff at Select helped us through the process in a manner we had not experienced beore, not only going far beyond what they had to do, but they did what they said they would do. Everything was verified and double checked and progressed on a time line set down at the time of signing our contract. At the end we could not be happier.

Being treated like our satisfaction really mattered was quite a blessing after being in a construction nightmare for more than three years. We would highly recommend talking with Select Modular Homes before making a decision on your own building project.

- Matt & Irma 9/23/16


As a new home builder in New Jersey, we had a unique project that required a superior team and an un-heard of time schedule, there was no way humanly possible we could demolish the existing home, clear the land, build the foundation, and build the new home in time for the new owners to take ownership in time.. so we teamed up with Select Modular Homes.... Julia, Steven, and her professional staff made it possible to start building the new house, while the onsite construction was being performed... Saving a total of 8 months of labor on site!!! And allowing our project to meet the deadline required!! They are truly the best in the business... I would highly recommend Select for any future projects....

- Matt McCluskey, Perfect choice new home builders.... 8/9/16


We are very happy we chose Select Modular to build our home. The house is fantastic and the staff is outstanding.

- Frank & Margie Leahy, 8/16


Julia, Doreen, Roseann and Patti-

On numerous occasions throughout the past four years (my goodness it has actually been that long!), John and I have talked about some of the most challenging times so far in our lives together-the continuing struggle of trying to builld our dream home being one of the greatest and most frustrating at times. Our discussions always end at the same place-how lucky we are to have met such kind, knowledgeable and helpful professionals through it all. Everyone has been so great to work with. Your work however has always stood out to us. The services that you have provided us have been beyond exceptional.

The relationships that John and I have built with you all have become a huge part of our lives. It's funny how times like this in your life allow you to build immensely important relationships yet they are ones that are usually only temporary. I feel like I have had more communication with you at times than with many special people in our lives that we are close with. It is strange to think that a working professional can have that much of an impact on us. I will truly miss working with you when we no longer need your services in the same capacity. Still, you all will definitely be invited to the Housewarming party! :)

We have been so blessed to have met you, as you have continuously supported us and gone above and beyond in regards to your job to make our dreams a reality. As teachers John and I realize what it is like to bring work home and sometimes to set aside important things in our own life in order to do our job well. We realize what it takes to go one step (or many steps) beyond and we truly appreciate everything that you have done for us especially the things that you did past the 9-5 hours of your workday.

I know that our working relationship is not completely at an end (even though I am in a way hoping it will be soon!), however I know the bulk of your work on our project is done and we wanted to try to express our appreciation in the best way possible, for what you have done for us and how important you have become in our lives. You have been readily available, flexible and honest. I have learned so much from you and you always assured that I truly understood what was going on each step of the way. You have always had our best interest at heart and I truly cannot imagine John and I going through some of the challenges that we have encountered without your continual guidance, support, kind words and your friendship during this monumental journey.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- John and Amelia Adams, 7/16/16


I met with several modular builders in Ocean County. All showed me models and gave me approximate costs. When I sat with Roseann at Select, every cost we discussed was written down and we boith signed the paper. Every step of the way in the construction of my home, the open honesty and professionalism continued. I am happy that I met with and chose Select to build my home.

- Karen Knorr, 1/28/16


Hi Stephen,

I enthusiastically endorse Select Modular Homes (SMH) to any prospective home builder: The employees of SMH were extremely helpful in painlessly guiding me thru all stages of design and construction of my new home. In addition, SMH provided invaluable support to me in the preparation and submittal of numerous documents required by various government agencies and other organizations. I could not be any happier with my choice of using SMH as my builder!!!

- Bill Long, 1/26/16


Dear Stephen and the entire Select Modular Homes staff,

We would like to thank you for the incredible job you did with the construction of our modular home and all of the assistance you provided throughout the entire process. Your company and staff operate in a manner which should be modeled by other companies.

Prior to our project beginning we had no experience with modular homes or the construction of a new home. You provided us with an outline of all of the work that needed to be completed and a timeline which specified when each part of the project should take place and should be completed. Stephen was in contact with us on a weekly basis to check the status of our project and to push us if we were off schedule. Because of this our home was completed on schedule.

We could not be happier with the home you constructed for us. Stephen taking the time to show us multiple homes in our area that Select Modular Homes completed helped us to make the best decisions for our options and for the layout of our home. The style and quality of our finished home exceeds the expectations we had from other similar homes you've compoleted and the original plans you help us develop.

Your part of the project was only to construct, deliver and install our home. However, you guided us through the permit process, demolition, piling installation and all finishing work. Your recommendations for contractors were invaluable. The details you provided helped us select companies that were reliable and performed excellent work. You also coached us through the RREM program and filing our ICC claim. You put us in contact with an adjuster to ensure we received the appropriate amount from our original insurance claim. This help was not required of you but greatly appreciated.

We heard so many stories from neighbors and friends who have had difficulties with their modular home company and contractors they chose to complete finishing work. We were one of the fortunate people to have had no issues or major setbacks and that was largely due to choosing Select Modular Homes to build our home.

Your staff maintains a professioanl, courteous and caring attitude. I would highly recommend Select Modular Homes to anyone considering purchasing a modular home.

We have no doubt that we selected the best company to complete our home!

Thank you so much for your time and hard work,

- Steve & Amanda Mikolajczak, 12/20/15


Dear Julia,

I want to thank you and your staff for your patience, help and suggestions during this long process of building our new house.

I'm so pleased, as are all family members, in how the plans came to fruition and what a great legacy I have to leave my family.

Be safe, be well, be blessed,

- Joyce E. Simpkins, 10/28/15


Hi Julia,

My family has been in our new Select Modular home now for 2 months and love it. After our summer home was destroyed by Super Storm Sandy, we did not think we would be able to rebuild.

I want to tell you what a wonderful experience it has been working with you and your team through this process. I never built a new home before and your team was professional, responsive, assessable, and helpful at every turn.

Thank you again for all your support and best wishes.

- The McCormicks


Dear Julia and Roseann,

We would like to thank you and your team for a job well done. Our new house is complete and we couldn't be more please with the end results. The level of professionalism and courtesy used by you and your staff confirms that we made the right decision hiring SELECT MODULAR HOMES, INC.

Tony and Chris dealt with the day to day construction and kept Jim and I informed of the progress and quelled our insecurities treating us like family. "Anxiety attacks" avoided!

Julia, you were most helpful to us in finalizing the "paperwork". This relieved a great burden from our shoulders.

Stephen guided us, showing us construction in the making, giving advice on choices and even joked about obstructing our neighbors view of the water, since he is the neighbor. He gave us many helpful hints to consider. He was immensely informative about a myriad of topics that we had no idea even existed, including guided tours of completed sites. This was so helpful that we were able to visualize our house and make an educated decision.

Tracy, the receptionist, was pleasant and helpful anytime we stopped in and Patti, from the home office, deserves a big thank you for assisting with securing our ICC grant.

Thank you all.

Sincerely yours,

- Marie and Jim Emory, 9/25/15


Dear Julia, Stephen, and all of our friends at Select Modular Homes,

... We endured 1000 days away from our home. It was not always easy, but with the help and promise of the Select Modular team, we made it! Our new home is beautiful. Everything is solid, energy efficient, and hurricane proofed, as per all new regulations! We have finally been able to relax and enjoy this wonderful piece of paradise in NJ! Thanks to the dedication, and character of those at Select Modular. Julia promised us she would not rest until we were happy. Thank you Julia and crew for helping to make our house building dream become a "home sweet home" reality. Julia and our friends at Select Modular, you may now rest!!!

Sincerely yours,

- Thomas and Lynn Cairns, 9/20/15
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We have had a 100% good experience with Select Modular. The design phase was done very professionally and all of our desires were met. I cannot thank you enough for the help with the permitting applications which made dealing with the municipality a lot more painless than i anticipated. Our house was delivered on time and set by a crew of craftsman that worked like a human machine from the arrival of the modular pieces to the final cleanup. Thank you.

- Joe Cornett, 9/4/15


Knowledgeable, professional, and commitment to the highest level of service are a few attributes we experienced during our home building process with Select Modular. Stephen and his support staff invested countless hours educating us on the architectural design and product selection as well as assisting us through the township building regulations. Our home was a considered a "drop set" and the Select team continued to provide resources and consultation during each step of the process. We experienced a few minor issues, however, the Select team was quick to respond and provided immediate resources to resolve them to our satisfaction. Our home was delivered on time, within budget, and exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend the Select Modular team to help you plan and build your dream home.

- Anthony & Cheryl, 8/31/15


After carefully screening other builders, we chose Select Modular Homes to re-build our post-Sandy home. Not only have they exceeded our expectations as a quality builder, they should be commended for their excellent customer service. As our general contractor, they always kept us well-informed about the progress of our home and responded immediately to any questions or concerns that we had throughout the entire building process. Our only regret is that we should have contracted with them sooner. Select has put together a great team of helpful professionals and we are very fortunate to have chosen them as our builder!

- Ralph & Beth Viviano, 8/28/15


To Julia, Roseann and the staff at Select. We want to thank you for the great gift basket AND the great experience we had getting our home built, we are thrilled with the home and Select and will be happy to refer you folks to anyone!

Thank you all for everything.

- Thomas & Alyse Adams, 8/18/15


My family has been in our new Select Modular home now for 2 months and love it. After our summer home was destroyed by Super Storm Sandy, we did not think we would be able to rebuild. I want to tell you what a wonderful experience it has been working with you and your team through this process. I never built a new home before and your team was professional, responsive, assessable, and helpful at ever turn.

Thank you again for all your support and best wishes.

- The McCormicks, 6/16/15


I wanted to thank all of you at Select and let each of you know how fortunate and lucky we were to have chosen Select for our new home. We are 100% satisfied with your service and the outcome. We absolutely LOVE our new home! Over the past several months we have spoken to many folks in our neighborhood who have been thru nightmares with multiple different modular companies. Although there were a few minor errors with our home in the beginning, we are SO fortunate to have selected a company that was a pleasure to work with, always followed thru and very professional. We have told several friends how pleased we were with Select and we hope that message gets out there and that some additional business comes your way.

Thanks again for all of your hard work, help and support in helping us with our new beautiful home! Stay In Touch!

- Brian and Megan Mucci, 6/4/15


Donna and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for what you did and how you did it. If it wasn't for you and your team we would have walked away from everything we worked so hard for, but because of you we now have our beautiful home and more importantly our life back and for that we will be eternally grateful. Thank you again for being such a FANTASTIC company but more importantly for being AWESOME people.

- Frank & Donna Matusik, 10/13/14


I just have to tell you how much I loved my house when I saw it on Monday night. When it got to my lot it looked HUGE and I couldn't wait to get in it! All my neighbors loved it and told me how nice it looks. We had quite a crowd on Tuesday, everyone was excited to watch it all come together.

- Jennifer Paslowski, 9/25/14


We are very happy with how everything turned out. Thank you for your diligence.

- Stephen Gibson, 9/4/14


The house is beautiful. Makes us feel right at home and very comfortable. The workmanship is fantastic.

- Becky Rice, 8/21/14


Thank you for running a company that deals with such beautiful, well made homes. Thank you for sending such amazing workers to put my house together. These guys have been working continually since early this morning, cleaning up after themselves all day long. And I could not end this note of appreciation without including how grateful I am for Stephen, he has a special gift for making every customer feel like his only customer. I will always owe how lovely this home is to Stephen's expertise and caring that I get the best.

- Jackie Zimnoch, 6/25/14


Thanks so much. Words can not convey how fortunate we were to find your company to help us get my dad a new

- John Ostrowski, 6/9/14


Julia and everyone at Select were helpful during every step of the process, from the first phone call to deliver day to final inspections and a little further - Thank you to everyone at Select Modular for a positive experience!!

- Carmine Cucunato


Please pass on my "thanks" to Mark Harris and the entire setting team. They did a great job yesterday. It was a great start to the next phase of getting us in our house. What a thrill to watch the setting of the house and quite an education too!

- Joyce Simpkins


As my brother is going through a nightmare with his house bought through [another company], I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for all you did to help us build our house. We tell everyone who asks us, that you were amazingly helpful and professional. But now after seeing first hand how terrible other companies can be, it is a reminder that you went above and beyond what had to be done to make our project successful. Thanks again.

- Dan


Words can't express my gratitude for your help & support throughout building the new house and selling the old one. You're a great person and a true friend.

- Annamarie


Thank you not only for an outstanding quality new home, but for your efforts, time and friendly yet professional manner of business. I would consider it a pleasure and an honor to recommend you to anyone in need of a new home.

- Pete


Thank you so much for your patience and support though everything! We will never forget it! I would have lost my mind without you!

- Jim


We want to thank you for helping us build our wonderful home. Everyone was so helpful and nice. We truly love our

- Bryan & Stacey


Our shore home is just wonderful, absolutely beyond our wildest expectations. From the moment we met you, we felt great relief that we would have caring, competent professionals to guide us through the design, financing and entire building process. Your whole team exceeded our expectations in EVERY regard.

- Cheryl


All, I just wanted to take a minute and say thanks. We are closing in on the end of the summer 2013 and it proved to be a memorable summer. Especially because my family was able to use our house on Long Beach Island. As I write this I am reflecting on Superstorm Sandy the devastation that happened and the uncertainty that it left in its aftermath. Most people we know struggled with the aftermath and are still struggling continuing to find a way to recover from the storm. I am lucky, I have friends like all of you who helped my family to recover. When we closed on our house August 31st last year if someone told me I would be in a new house I would have said no way – that's impossible in a year. After the storm in six months - no way. Well with your help it was possible, and there is no way to thank you enough.


- Mike K.


Hi Select Modular,

...I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for all you did to help us build our house. We tell everyone who asks us, that you were amazingly helpful and professional...

Thanks again,

- Dan R.


When we started this process with you, I never knew Lew and I would be designing the home of our dreams. Thank you for patiently helping us with floor plans and designing kitchens. We couldn't have done it without you! We loved watching the home arrive and be set with perfect precision. The crews were terrific, always being there when they were supposed to (and even when they weren't supposed to if we needed something). At a time when contractors seem indifferent to their customers, we found you to be exceptionally professional and genuinely interested in us. We love our new home and would absolutely recommend Select Modular Homes to anyone considering a new home.

- Lew and Flora W.


Thank you for building our childcare center, your attentions to detail was very impressive. Because of childcare approval delays it was a long time in the making, but you stayed with us on it and maintained your price point. Thanks again for all your help and should any of your clients need a reference feel free to have them call me at my office (856) 629-2290.

Thank You,

Daniel Harned
ABC Me Grow Child Care Centers
533 Sicklerville Road
Williamstown, New Jersey 08094


Kim and I are absolutely happy and proud of what we have accomplished with this house. We wanted to send you this letter to thank you again and to let you know how tremendous the help was that you provided us during the build. The house is absolutely gorgeous and has surpassed our expectations. We receive compliments daily about how beautiful our house looks in the neighborhood. I hope that you will still keep us listed to show the house if anyone is curious as to the quality of Penn Lyon and your homes.

Please feel free, if you and the girls are in the area, to call and stop by to check out the entire inside of the house. It's already decorated for the holidays and is picture perfect. I hope that everyone is doing well and that you all enjoy a happy and healthy holiday season.

- John R.


Bill and I could not sleep the night it went up. We were like a couple of kids. I have to tell you that my 83 year old Mother my 84 year old Aunt, my 79 year old Mother-in-Law, my Sister and her baby granddaughter, our daughter, boyfriend and our son, a cousin, and a couple of friends were all there for the 'event of the month'. I can't believe how big the place is. It is totally beautiful, and I love the whole place. The men are already making plans for that HUGE basement.

Our room and the WALK IN CLOSET IS TO DIE FOR. Just everything is totally awesome, and we can thank you for this. We will definitely be recommending you to our daughter and her boyfriend who are thinking about doing the same thing. Thanks so much for all you've done.

- Suzanne A.


We want to thank you for helping us build our wonderful home. Everyone was so helpful and nice. We truly love our

- Bryan and Stacy N.


Thank you not only for an outstanding quality new home, but for your efforts, time and friendly, yet professional manner of business. I would consider it a pleasure and an honor to recommend you to anyone in need of a new home.

- Peter D.


Thanks doesn't say enough. You've made it possible for me to make my parents extremely happy. Both love the house very much.

- Donna


We love our house so much. Thank you for all your help.

- Rob and Bonnie J.